Sunshine Coast Computer Club Inc Bulletin issued 13 November 2017

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What is Included in this Bulletin


  • Raffle to be Drawn at Buderim Thu 16 Nov 17
  • Raffle to be Drawn Sat 9 Dec 17
  • Tutorials Given by Peter Daley at Caloundra - Sat 22 Apr17 - Website Links
  • 'Re:' Is for Email Replies
  • Telstra Scam Experience By a Club Member
  • Cryptojacking Protection
  • Boyer Lectures 2017 - Professor Genevieve Bell
  • Problem With Viewing Video of Boyer Lecture
  • Word Completion for Apache OpenOffice Text Documents
  • For Sale – 1 TB External Hard Drive
  • Help Sites for Members


What's On

When -Thu 16 Nov 17, 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Where - Buderim Good Life Centre, 100 Buderim Pines Drive, Buderim
Cost - $4. Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.
Main Room
There is the possibility that a volunteer tutor named below may not be able to attend this meeting.
1.00 pm 4.00 pm Hands on help with Windows, Linux, Mac, Graphics, Open Office.
1.00pm 4.00 pm Special Interest Groups Main Hall
Apple Mac – Ian Stringer and John Smith
Microsoft Office and Open Office– Jim Haxton will not be at this meeting. Marlene Menzie will not be at this meeting
Android Tablets and Phones - Nevil Eyre
iPhones and iPads - Rodney Border
(The above will be regular weekly sessions depending on availability of tutors and attendance by members)
2.30 pm 2.55 pm Afternoon Tea Break
2.50 pm Draw SCCC Raffle
Tutorial Room is accessed by going through the Goodlife Reception area on the top floor and following the passage way down to Meeting Room one.
1.10 pm 1.40 pm Question and Answer Session
1.50 pm 2.25 pm David Gould - Using the free Aomei Partition Assistant and Aomei Backupper instead of the windows software.
3.00 pm 3.50 pm Heather Atkinson - Dropbox lets you take your photos, documents and videos anywhere and share them easily. Access any file you save to your Dropbox from all of your computers and devices and allow others to share them also.
When - Sat 18 Nov 17, 9.00 am to 12.10 pm
Where - Caloundra Community Hall, Queen Street, Caloundra.
Cost - $4 Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.
From To Area Tutorial
All members are welcome to do tutorials at club venues. Just let Jean Lear, the Club Administrator know when, and where.
There is the possibility that a volunteer tutor named below may not be able to attend this meeting.
09.00 am 12.10 pm Various Hands on help with Windows, Mac, Linux, Open Office, Office, Graphics etc
09.00 am 09.30 am Annex to Main Hall Peter Daley - Record cleaning and Audio tips
09.00 am 12.10 pm Main Hall Linux - Find out the finer points of using this free powerful/safe Operating system.
09.00 am 10.00 am Stage Area Main Hall One to one help using iPad, Android and Kindle tablets.
09.00 am 12.00 noon Stage Area Main Hall Apple Mac - Apple Mac Basics. An excellent way to find out about Apple computers and how to use them. - Chris Phillips
10.00 am 10.40 am Main Lecture
Peter Daley - How to replace the CD drawer in your laptop if it fails.
10.40 am 11.05 am Main Hall Morning Tea
11.10 am 11.40 am Main Lecture Area Peter Daley - How to add extra USB ports or a new network socket to your computer if one dies or you need extra.
11.50 am 12.10 pm Main Lecture Area Mini Tutorial - Peter Daley - How to print from you Android Mobile phone to your home printer.

Raffle to be Drawn at Buderim Thu 16 Nov 17

The meeting on Thu 16 Nov 17 will be the last chance for members who attend the Buderim meeting to buy tickets in the raffle to be drawn on Thu 16 Nov 17.


The prize for this raffle to be drawn at Buderim on Thu 16 Nov 17 is a MOTOg5 Telephone by Motorola. This phone has an Android 7.0 Nougat Operating System, and front and rear cameras and is capable of Video Recording. It has a 16GB Internal Storage Water Repellent Nano-Coating protects against accidental spill or light rain. The phone is covered by a twelve month Manufacturer's warranty.


Full specifications are on display where tickets are being sold.


Tickets are one dollar each and buying of tickets is voluntary.


Raffle to be Drawn Sat 9 Dec 17

The prize for the raffle to be drawn at Caloundra on Sat 9 Dec 17 is a Galaxy Tab A 8 inch Tablet. This raffle will start on Sat 18 Nov 17 at Caloundra.


Engage with work or just have a bit of fun with the Galaxy Tab A 8 inch Wi-Fi 16GB Tablet. Designed to be user friendly, personalised, and help you manage multiple tasks, the Galaxy Tab A is a powerful multi-purpose Android device.


Details are displayed where tickets are being sold.


Tickets are one dollar each and buying of tickets is voluntary.


Tutorial Given by Peter Daley at Caloundra - Sat 22 Apr17 - Website Links
1. Security Task Manager is an excellent Windows tool for finding super bugs on your computer that your virus checker or spyware/malware program may miss.


For those who did not attend the tutorial you can download Security Task Manager from here -


2. How to get major earthquake and solar storm alerts displayed on your computer or devices.


In Mozilla Firefox, go to menu item Tools/Add ons, and then type earthquake into the search box, after this select "eQuakeAlert" to install this add on. After it is installed in Firefox restarted Firefox and then go back into Add ons and adjust the EarthQuake alert tool settings to you liking under its "Preferences".


Latest Solar storm Info -


3. Where to find the best wind direction services on the Internet. These can be a great help during the storm season. There are some great tools out there.


This Nullschool service allows you to see location wind direction at different heights. You can rotate the 3D map by holding down your mouse on the map, and dragging. If you use your mouse scroll wheel you can zoom the map in and out. If you click on the "Earth" item at the lower left corner of the Nullschool wind map page, a menu will pop up, that allows you to select the wind height -,35.01,408 is simpler and quicker to use, but similar to the Nullschool service -,153.028,5


'Re:' Is for Email Replies

(From Lifewire 6 Oct 17)

'Re:' means different things in paper and electronic communications


Back when all messages were delivered on paper, the term "Re:"—followed by a topic—meant "in regards to," "about" or "in reference to." It introduced the subject that the letter was about. Strictly speaking, "Re" is an abbreviated form of the Latin "in re," which means "concerning" or "in the matter of."


With the advent of electronic communications, the term has been re purposed in emails to mean "reply" and is added before the subject line of a previous email message to indicate the new message is a reply to the older message.


When "Re" Confuses -

If you put "Re:" in front of the subject of a new message that is not a reply to an older message, the recipients may be confused.


Chances are, they may think they received a reply to a message they did not write with a subject they do not know, or assume the reply belongs to an email thread to which they either do not belong or whose prior messages they did not receive.


Regardless of what might be true in other contexts, "Re:" does not mean "regarding" when used in email subject lines. The subject line of an email message already contains "Subject:" to indicate the line's purpose."


"Re" Is for Replies -

To avoid further confusion, do not use "Re" in the subject line and also use it in the text where it means something else.


"Re:" should only be used in replies.

Telstra Scam Experience By a Club Member

Recently a member received their Telstra latest account and found a charge of $15.00 which would have been ongoing by a company named Buongiorno Aust for an online game called Gamifive which this member had never used.


The member phoned Telstra on 1800767584 and spoke to two young females and complained. The member received no satisfaction in having the $15.00 deleted or reversed so went to the Telstra Office in Caloundra and logged a complaint with them. The Telstra office instituted Premius SMS Barring on the mobile number and gave a reference number. Telstra told the member Buongiorno would not be able to contact the phone again or make charges due to the Premium SMS Barring.


The member went to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and lodged a complaint.


Next was another SMS asking the member to give them his phone number, full name, email and address concerning a refund which the member did not give.


The member got another SMS saying he were subscribed to iFortune Psychic Readings for only $15.00 per month which was again ongoing as a cost. So that would have meant in total $30.00 for 12 months - $360.00 for something never subscribed to.


The member went to the Telstra office again and spoke to the same person as previously. The member was told by him that both he and a female member of staff had received the same SMS as he did.


The member contacted the Telecommunications Information Office and updated the information complained of earlier.


This information is given to members who could receive the same SMS on their phones and ignore it and then not know they have been hit with the ongoing charge of $15.00 per month until they get their next phone bill.


The warning from this is to not give out personal information in response to e mail requests. If a request is received do not respond to the e mail but contact Telstra directly to advise them of the receipt of a suspected scam e mail. Check telephone bills received for any unknown items on the account. It may not be a one off charge but a recurring charge.

Cryptojacking Protection

(From Peter Dodwell)

Anti-WebMiner is a free program which works with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, 32-bit, and 64-bit computers. Anti-WebMiner works for all browsers, hence there is no need to install browser extensions. The program also includes an automatic updater to update its database of blacklisted sites. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Just install and open Anti-WebMiner, then click the Protect button. A portable version of the program is also available.


Download from -


Boyer Lectures 2017 - Professor Genevieve Bell


Each year since 1959, the ABC has produced the Boyer Lectures to spark national discussion about critical ideas.


Thirty years ago, Professor Genevieve Bell left Australia to study anthropology in America. That journey took her to the heart of Silicon Valley, where she pioneered futurist research at Intel, looking at how different cultures use technology.


Now she has returned home with an urgent conversation about the role of technology in building our future, and what it means to be human, and Australian, in a digital world.


Professor Genevieve Bell's series is called Fast, Smart and Connected - What is it to be Human, and Australian, in a Digital World.


A video of the lecture is at the above website.


Problem With Viewing Video of Boyer Lecture

(From Jean Lear)

I experienced a problem getting the Boyer Lecture video to play with Firefox. I was alerted to update Adobe Flash Player but after this updating there was still a problem with the video showing with Firefox. Having the browser Chrome on my computer I tried that and the video played.


At the Caloundra Club meeting I asked for help with the video not playing on Firefox. Computers being temperamental, unpredictable ? etc one unexpected solution was to go to the website and open one of the other iView videos on the website which opened successfully, and then go back and try the Boyer lecture again.


As it was starting to try to download in full screen I quickly clicked on “Exit Full Screen” to reduce the screen size and it opened. Sometimes persistence pays off.


Word Completion for Apache OpenOffice Text Documents

OpenOffice collects words that you frequently use in the current session. When you later type the first three letters of a collected word, OpenOffice automatically completes the word.


If there is more than one word in the AutoCorrect memory that matches the three letters that you type, press Ctrl+Tab to cycle through the available words. To cycle in the opposite direction, press Ctrl+Shift+Tab.


To Accept/Reject a Word Completion


By default, you accept the word completion by pressing the Enter key.


To reject the word completion, continue typing with any other key.


To Switch off the Word Completion

1. Choose *Tools - AutoCorrect Options - Word Completion*.

2. Clear *Enable word completion* .

For Sale – 1 TB External Hard Drive

Peter Dodwell has for sale a superfluous 1Tb external hard drive in good condition. It tests well, and has only been used for a Windows system image. $60.

Contact Peter at - or Telephone 54387675 after 7.00 pm daily.


Help Sites for Members


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