Sunshine Coast Computer Club Inc Bulletin issued 19 June 2017

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What is Included in this Bulletin

  • Raffle to be Drawn Thu 13 Jul 17 at Buderim

  • What is a Smart Meter?

  • Bits'N'Bytes Jul 17

  • ABC TV Four Corners Programme Mon 19 Jun 17

  • Toshiba Printer That Can Erase Paper for Reuse

  • Apple iPad Pro Review - Is This a Laptop Replacement?

  • Stay Smart Online Alerts

  • New Security Updates for Firefox and Adobe - Priority Level - High

  • New Ransomware for Mac - Priority Level - Moderate

  • Don't Fall For a Scammer's Phishing Bait

  • Found at Buderim Meeting Thu 15 Jun 17

  • Help Sites for Members

What's On

When -Thu 22 Jun 17, 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Where - Buderim Good Life Centre, 100 Buderim Pines Drive, Buderim
Cost - $4. Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

Main Room

There is the possibility that a volunteer tutor named below may not be able to attend this meeting.

1.00 pm

4.00 pm

Hands on help with Windows, Linux, Mac, Graphics, Open Office.


4.00 pm

Special Interest Groups Main Hall
Apple Mac – Ian Stringer and John Smith
Beginners – Jim Haxton will not be at this meeting
Android Tablets and Phones - Nevil Eyre
iPhones and iPads - Rodney Border and Carol Wilkes
(The above will be regular weekly sessions depending on availability of tutors and attendance by members)

2.30 pm

2.55 pm

Afternoon Tea Break

Tutorial Room (Tutorial Room is accessed by going through the new Goodlife Reception area on top floor and following the passage way. A red cone with a sign on is outside the tutorial room)

1.10 pm

1.40 pm

Question and Answer Session

1.50 pm

2.25 pm

Bill Maxwell – The Cloud

3.00 pm

3.50 pm

David Gould - Using the privacy settings in Windows 10.

When - Sat 24 Jun 17, 9.00 am to 12.10 pm
Where - Caloundra Community Hall, Queen Street, Caloundra.
Cost - $4 Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.





All members are welcome to do tutorials at club venues. Just let Jean Lear, the Club Administrator know when, and where.

There is the possibility that a volunteer tutor named below may not be able to attend this meeting.

09.00 am

12.10 pm


Hands on help with Windows, Mac, Linux, Open Office, Office, Graphics etc

09.00 am

09.30 am

Annex to Main Hall

Peter Daley - Record cleaning and Audio tips

09.00 am

12.10 pm

Main Hall

Linux - Find out the finer points of using this free powerful/safe Operating system.

09.00 am

10.00 am

Stage Area Main Hall

One to one help using iPad, Android and Kindle tablets.

09.00 am

12.00 noon

Stage Area Main Hall

Apple Mac - Apple Mac Basics. An excellent way to find out about Apple computers and how to use them. - Chris Phillips

10.00 am

10.40 am

Main Lecture

Peter Daley - What is a smart meter? What are the pros and cons of using smart devices, like smart TVs, washing machines and refrigerators?

10.40 am

11.05 am

Main Hall

Morning Tea

11.10 am

11.40 am

Main Lecture Area

Peter Daley - Monitor your computer CPU, RAM,Hard drive and more, easily, with free software utilities.

11.50 am

12.10 pm

Main Lecture Area

Mini Tutorial - Peter Daley -How to set up a Linux firewall very easily, plus make sure all your software is up to date and secure.

Raffle to be Drawn Thu 13 Jul 17 at Buderim

The prize for the raffle to be drawn at the Buderim Meeting on Thu 13 Jul 17 is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet.

Engage with work or just have a bit of fun with the Galaxy Tab A 8 inch Wi-Fi 16GB Tablet. Designed to be user friendly, personalised, and help you manage multiple tasks, the Galaxy Tab A is a powerful multi-purpose Android device.

Key Features are -

  • A new Multi Window feature that lets you keep 2 apps open side-by-side.

  • Built with a Kids Mode,

  • With new personalised logins, the Tab A allows you to save your favourite settings and apps under an individual profile that is kept separate from other users.

  • Front and back facing cameras

  • Ultra Power Saving Mode ensures maximum battery life


Further details are displayed where tickets are being sold.

Tickets are one dollar each and buying of tickets is voluntary.


What is a Smart Meter?

(Peter Daley will do an important tutorial on smart devices security on Sat 24 Jun 17 at Caloundra.)

Smart Meters are being rolled out in Queensland.

Watch this short video to find out what a smart meter is, and what issues are related to installation.

To opt out of having a smart meter installed on your home, unit complex or business, use the information provided in the
Smart meter Opt Out Kit.

Bits'N'Bytes Jul 17
Members are reminded that contributions to the Bits'N'Bytes are always welcome. The deadline for copy for the Jul 17 Edition is 26 Jun 17 but should be sent to reach the Editor as soon as possible. This also includes Classified Advertisements including requests for advertisements from Jun 17 Edition be included (space permitting) or deleted.

Mail copy to the Editor, Post Office Box 384 Caloundra 4551 or e mail –

ABC TV Four Corners Programme Mon 19 Jun 17


The ABC TV Four Corners program listed to be broadcast at 8.30 pm Mon 19 Jun 17 is “The Rise of the Trolls” which in precis on the Website says -

The digital revolution has transformed our world. Never in human history have we been more connected to each other in ways that would have seemed unimaginable only a decade ago. But with the rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and a smartphone in virtually every pocket, the internet bullies known as trolls are only ever a click, tap or swipe away.

This programme will be rebroadcast -

Tue 20 Jun 17 at 9.59 am

Thu 22 Jun 17 at 12.03 am or may be seen on ABC Iview at any time.


Toshiba Printer That Can Erase Paper for Reuse

There have been recent advertisements on radio about a Toshiba multifunction printer for the office environment that can erase paper for reuse up to four times. Advertisements give the impression that this is something new but a Google Search gives information that this type of printer has been around since 2012.

Toshiba is touting the environmental benefits of this first-of-its-kind printer, noting that if the same paper is used to its full extent (five times total), it constitutes a 57 percent reduction in the system's total CO2 emissions.

Before thinking you would like to help with the benefits consider the specifications quoted on Google -

  • Dimensions -585mm (W) 585mm (D) 787mm (H)

  • Weight – Approx 55-58 KG

  • Price – Not revealed in Toshiba advertisements - “Request a Quote” but found to be in range of $3,000

Apple iPad Pro Review - Is This a Laptop Replacement?

Written by Rod Chester News Corp Australia Network 13 Jun 17


Apple's Greg Joswiak speaks about the iPad Pro during an announcement of new products at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

It is bigger, faster, better and easier to use. But the real reason you will eventually want to buy Apple's newest iPad has not happened yet.

Apple's new iPad 10.7-inch has found the middle ground between the 9.7-inch screen that has been the standard since the beginning of the iPad and the 12.9-inch Pro which is more display than some people want to handle.

Read the extensive item at the above website.

Stay Smart Online Alerts

In this Bulletin the Stay Smart Online Alerts will be listed with the link to each and an outline of the content of the Alert. Members should therefore read the list of Alerts and follow the link to read further if they think it may be of concern to them.

Install Windows Updates Now to Avoid Being Exploited - Priority Level - High

From Stay Smart Online 14 Jun 17


Microsoft today released a monthly collection of security updates that address vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, Silverlight, Windows Server, Internet Explorer and Edge. Three of the vulnerabilities patched in this update were part of the same group of vulnerabilities stolen from the NSA and exploited to spread the WanaCry ransomware last month.

Due to what Microsoft describes as "an assessment of the current threat landscape" and a "heightened risk of exploitation" they have also released security updates for older, usually unsupported platforms, such as Windows XP. Read the Microsoft Security Advisory guidance for these updates.

Read further at the above website.


New Security Updates for Firefox and Adobe - Priority Level - High

From Stay Smart Online - 15 Jun 17


Both Adobe and Mozilla have released security updates that address critical vulnerabilities today. These updates address vulnerabilities in Firefox, Flash Player, Shockwave Player, Captivate and Digital Editions.

Read what to do now and details at the above website.


New Ransomware for Mac - Priority Level - Moderate

From Stay Smart Online - 15 Jun 17


Researchers at security firm Fortinet have reported discovering a portal that offers to create ransomware-as-a-service to target Mac users. The malware has been dubbed MacRansom.

Ransomware is malicious software that makes data or systems unusable until the victim makes a payment.

Read what to do now and details at the above website.

Don't Fall For a Scammer's Phishing Bait

From Scam Watch – Radar Alert issued 19 Jun 17


The ACCC is warning people to stay alert to ‘phishing’ scammers pretending to be from well-known businesses and government departments trying to con unsuspecting victims out of their personal information and money.

So far in 2017, the ACCC’s Scamwatch has received more than 11,000 reports of this scam, with nearly $260,000 lost.

Read the article at the above website.

Found at Buderim Meeting Thu 15 Jun 17

Meeting Date





Flash Drive SanDisk 8 GB (no name listed on contents)

Owner may claim same at the next meetings at Caloundra and Buderim. Other arrangements can be made by telephoning the Club Information Line 54921005 (Leave a message if the call is not answered) or e mailing
Items will be included in this list for two issues of the Weekly Bulletin unless claimed before that period expires.


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